Music n Beer

I’m sitting in Coogan’s an Irish Pub in Boston trying to catch a buzz before going to see Ladies and Gentlemen the Rolling Stones. I have work tomorrow so the intake of alcohol will be some what limited but not as much as my job would like.
Something about a buzz, good music, and rock n roll inspires me. I cant put a finger on it but I think it’s the freedom feeling I get. That slight, I don’t give a fuck that just sets you loose.
I’m on my way to see the Stones, which admittedly I missed during their prime. However, I’m grasping at what I can of a better time. The movie is from the Exile on Main Street tour. Probably, the sexing best album they put out.
I’m flying solo as I’m a man born in a generation I wasn’t meant to live in. Catching a buzz, good music, and writing is what my life has become or what I want it to become.

Side note: it’s amazing how hot everyone gets and interesting everyone is with a few beers.

Joe Cocker cover in the bar, a good sign.

“I cant get no satisfaction” – the Rolling Stones


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