The Blog Is Back. . .

I have decided; it is time for me to start writing again. I am currently in a screenwriting course, and feel like I need an outlet other than Facebook for my rants and thoughts. I hope it will take some sort of shape on it’s own, but I intend to gear this towards a libertarian worldview with some humor, and personal insights as well.

I have procrastinated this for a long time, and one explaination is that, I never could find a reason why people would care what I have to say. It seems very egotistical, considering I don’t have any credentials except life experience and reading. It is for this reason nothing should be taken too seriously. I encourage a lot of interaction and debate. It is my hope to develop a decent following; where we can have discussions about matters in an intelligent and thoughtful way regardless of your political view while allowing room for comedy.

Happy reading!


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